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Appointment Checklist


PRINTABLE TAX CHECKLIST← Click there to download a printable copy of the checklist.

Completed Affordable Care Act checklist. See below.
Copy of current driver’s license, front and back: Both spouses if filing jointly.
Form W-2:  Wage statements from employers.
Form 1099-INT: Interest statements.
Form 1099-DIV: Dividend statements from investments.
Form 1099-R:  Pension statements.
Form 1099-B: Statements from broker for stock and/or mutual fund sales. Also bring original cost and date purchased.
Form 1098: Mortgage interest.
Form K-1: Statement from partnerships or S-Corporations.
Social Security statements of income.
Unemployment income received.
Rental income and expenses.
Business income and expenses.
Real estate taxes paid. May be reported on the Form 1098.
Charitable contributions. Both cash and non-cash.
Estimated tax payments for Federal and State government.  We need the amounts and the dates they were paid.
Dates of birth and Social Security cards for your dependents. If you are entitled to the Earned Income Tax Credit, you must also provide proof of residency for all children.
Form 1098-T: Tuition Statement. A Form 1098-T is now required to claim any tuition tax benefits.
Student loan interest paid.
Medical and dental expenses including long term care insurance premiums paid, if any.
Documentation for any large purchases (i.e.; car, boat, RV) that you paid sales tax on, including the date purchased.
IRA, KEOGH, & SEP contributions.
12 months of bank statement for all foreign bank accounts.
Last income tax return filed, if prepared by another preparer.
VOIDED blank check, if you would like direct deposit of your tax refund.


If you have employer provided Health care coverage fill out section A; otherwise, please fill out section B.

Section A: (circle yes or no)

  1. Are all members of your household covered by your employer policy?         YES or NO
  2. In 2018, did you have any coverage gaps of 3 months or more?          YES or NO
  3. Do you have proof of your insurance coverage?          YES or NO
  4. Were you on Medicare or Medicaid?        YES or NO
  5. Did you obtain coverage through the ACA exchange?          YES or NO
  6. Did you receive Form 1095-A, 1095-B or 1095-C? If you did, you must bring it in to our office.          YES or NO

If you have other members in your household we will need the same questions answered for them as well.

PRINTABLE TAX CHECKLIST← Click there to download a printable copy of the checklist.